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Building an Internet Platform

It’s not 1997 anymore. The internet is here and it’s certainly not going anywhere. Your presence online is so important. We want to stress that one more time. Your presence online is so important. Too often, we see companies and brands let low-tier companies handle their website and online marketing for them. We understand that most of them think that as long as they have a presence online it is good enough; not anymore.

Today, your website needs to be a living and breathing marketing platform for you. Your customers and potential customers are looking to find the most information that they can. Customers today are searching for all kinds of information. Just think about it. How many times have you had a cold and looked up your symptoms online? How many times have you looked for a good Mexican restaurant when you were in a different city? We use the internet for so many things now.

Your clients will have an experience with you and your brand online. Why not be sure that you can deliver the best experience as possible? If your customers are looking for information regarding your industry, why don’t you be the one whom they get it from? There is no reason that your website could deliver all of this information.

At Kairos Design Agency, we build websites that are more than just websites. We build platforms on the internet. Your platform should provide top-rated content on information in your industry. It should provide a way for potential customers to learn more about you, your product, your process and your mission and vision. It should give them the information with how to purchase from you. It should also help them find information that could potentially lead to a transaction down the road.

Why do we call it a platform? It’s multifaceted. You can create an essential brochure about your company. It can create landing pages, where you can point all of your marketing back to. It can create a shopping experience, where your customers can purchase your products and have them shipped to their door. It can also be an information gathering tool for your customers through video, blogs, and other content bits. Oh, and it can all be done by you, without requiring a web company do all of the changes, where you have to pay each time they move the logo by a pixel.

Check out a few of our examples below how we have helped clients improve their web presence.

Sample Projects