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Vigo Machine Shop, Inc

Industrial Design Meets Web Design

Principles Used

  • Platform Design
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  • UX Design
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  • Front End Design
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  • WordPress
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  • Responsive Design
Full Width Screenshot - Vigo Machine Shop, Inc

Vigo Machine was in need for a web site overhaul. Their previous website had served them well for some years, but was outdated and a little more difficult than they would like to update. Kairos Design Agency worked with Vigo Machine to determine the right look and feel that they were going for. Once the look was nailed down, they had to determine a strategy on laying out the website. Their previous website was a little confusing on where to go and how to get there.

Once all of that was in place they were able to begin work on it. WordPress was selected as the CMS of choice due to its popularity and leverage.  From there Kairos built a site that would allow for Vigo Machine to show off some of the case studies that they had in their categories. This allowed for potential customers to not only see some of Vigo Machine’s work, but also to see their approach on the specific project.

The new site allowed for them to be able to capture leads, accept RFQs and basic contact information. This was all captured into their database for future retrieval.