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Principles Used

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  • eCommerce
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  • Responsive Design
Full Width Screenshot - ULMA Instructor App
A student view after logging into the app.

The Ultimate Leadership Martial Arts Association contracted with Kairos Design Agency to develop an online repository of information for martial arts students, instructors, and school owners. They were looking for a solution to house their curriculum so that students and instructors could have it at their fingertips. They were wanted something that would allow their school owners to get the latest information to help them grow their schools. They also needed a shopping cart that once “purchased” allowed for them to contact the school owner to determine correct shipping as they are a multinational association.

Kairos’ solution was to build a web app that could be accessed with any device, whether that be phone, tablet, or desktop. This would allow instant access with a username and password from any device, any where in the world. The app was broken down into four main parts.

Goal: Design a Platform Capable of Flexibility

We chose WordPress as our foundation stepping stone. We liked having the power and flexibility to create a user experience both from updating the app and viewing the app.

We knew that in order to achieve our goal we would need to break the platform down into the right pieces.

A student view of curriculum.

First, they needed a spot to put their martial arts curriculum.Their curriculum consisted of five cycles. Inside those five cycles they had three main sections: set patterns called “forms”, tactical skills, and self-defense. For each piece of curriculum they had the written way in which that curriculum was performed. Videos to show how the curriculum was performed in real time. And additional applications for moves that were done in that piece of curriculum.

A screenshot of how the class planner portion of the app looks.

Next, we needed to create an area for them to be able to house all of their instructor information. They had extensive class planners that they wanted to make available to all of the school owners’ instructors. We created a digital version of this on the app that was easy to update from the back-end and appeared almost exactly as it does in the printed version as well.

Lastly, we needed a section that would house the content for ULMA Licensee Schools. The content here could range from marketing ideas, to instructor programs, to belt certifications. The idea was to create modules for each section and the school owner could pick and choose which modules to use and not to use.

A screenshot of how the app looks when browsed from an iPad.

On top of all of this ULMAA needed a store so that school owners could put in orders for the necessary gear, ranging from patches to wristbands and more. We utilized WooCommerce for this section. Since the shipping could vary so much we chose to use a separate payment method or a “Pay Later” method so that the association could charge the school owner after the fact.

We were able to provide ULMAA with a great solution that is completely expandable and can change and update on the fly. It’s a fully responsive web app, so there’s not need to download the app, but you can create a bookmark on your homescreen so that you could save it for later use. It’s device independent so it looks great regardless if you’re on an Android, Apple or Windows device.