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Helping Create the Next Generation Leaders for an Ohio Community

Principles Used

  • Platform Development
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  • Branding
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  • UX Design
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  • Front End Design
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  • WordPress
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  • Responsive Design
Full Width Screenshot - ULMA HQ

Kairos Design Agency worked with Ultimate Leadership Martial Arts HQ to develop a web platform where they could reach out to potential new students as well as their current student base. ULMA HQ operates out of Springboro, OH. They have a specific company culture that they wanted their website to reflect. They also wanted to make sure that they were on target with their potential client demographic.

Kairos, using WordPress as the CMS, developed the site to be able to get the information to prospective students in an efficient manner and help guide them through an information gathering phase and eventually into scheduling an introductory appointment.

All leads are filtered into database where ULMA HQ staff can download the report and begin contacting leads for follow ups.

All contacts through their website are posted to the database for easy future access and recording.

ULMA HQ also wanted an area for their current members to be able to get information, schedules, curriculum, etc. We created a separate side of the platform for them to be able to visit and find the info that they are looking for.