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Schmidt Peterson Motorsports

Going the Extra Mile for the Customer

Principles Used

  • Platform Design
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  • UX Design
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  • Front End Design
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  • WordPress
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  • Responsive Design
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  • Social Media Integration
Full Width Screenshot - Schmidt Peterson Motorsports

Kairos Design Agency worked with Schmidt Peterson Motorsports to develop a website that made a statement. They were looking for a website that not only got the information about, but pushed the design in the IndyCar space.

They wanted something that showed they were on the cutting edge. They also wanted something that was easy to update. Seeing that they travel all of North and South America to the different races, they needed a website that would be able to easily post updates, add content and also find content so that they could post about previous results as well.

SPM’s goal was to have a site that would look great on whatever device their user was on. With each year the possibility of a change for a driver the demographic could change as well. Seeing that IndyCar drivers come from all over the world, the traffic to their site would come from all over the world as well. The site needed to be prepared to handle that kind of a demographic change.

Kairos did an amazing job at streamlining our website admin. We can now go in and add a press release, images, and other content in a matter of minutes. It took significantly longer with our previous site.

– Jeff Darks, VP Marketing