Kairos Design Agency

The Kairos Approach

When you work with our agency, we like to get all of the information as we can, so that we can truly understand where you want to take your brand. We have five main parts to our process.

  1. Discovery — Our discovery part of our process helps us gather the needed information to see where your brand is, what your vision is and how you foresee getting there. We ask a lot of questions. We observe. And then we ask some more questions.
  2. Internal Review — After our Discovery meeting, we will review all of the information we learned. We focus on finding the right strategy from a process standpoint and a brand strategy.
  3. Strategy Proposal — Once we have our internal review, we then will present our findings and our strategy.
  4. Execute — After the strategy is approved we begin executing on the strategy. Using the principles from the strategy, we begin building all the necessary elements of the strategy.
  5. Launch — After execution comes launch. We have dotted all of our I’s and crossed all of our T’s, we are ready to launch our strategy.
  6. Review & Iterate — Once launch has happened we are ready to learn from strategy and then bend and move as we see the market moving. The beauty about digital is that it’s written in pencil and not ink. We can change strategy if the market necessitates a move.

We guide our clients through each step of the way and help them learn as we go as well. We are your partner, not an order taker. We want to help you build your business standing next to you. We hate the approach of working in a vacuum. You can expect us to over-communicate. We love every interaction we have with our clients.