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Telling Your Brand's Story in the Social Media Era

It was once said that a company’s brand was it’s promise. A company’s promise to it’s customers of what they should expect from it. If they didn’t deliver on that promise then it was solely up to the company. But just like radio was supplanted by TV and TV by the internet, social media has supplanted the normal advertising channels we are used to.

What is interesting is how brands have morphed from an old classic one way communication to an amalgam of conversation. Whether that be through social media or traditional advertising. People can experience brands. Whether walking through a store or shopping online.

Although social media hasn’t completely taken over, it has changed the way brands communicate with their customers. It has also allowed customers to interact with brands in a completely new way. Customers are able to engage with brands where they weren’t able to before. Customers can reach out to brands to tell them about their good or bad experiences. Customers can pass information along to their friends about how well they liked a recent experience with a particular brand.

Kairos Design Agency helps brands build messages on the platforms where the customers are communicating. We help build a social media strategy that encompasses multiple networks with a combination of paid and organic social media posts. We develop audiences across all channels based on your target demographic and then help you deliver your brand’s message.