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Your brand is more than your promise

Who holds the keys to the brand? As we have said before a brand use to be a promise to it’s customer. But now, customers want more interaction with their favorite brands. When they truly believe in the brand they want to act almost as if they are a steward of the brand. Think about those people who only buy Apple products or those who only fly Southwest Airlines. The customers feel as if they are part of the brand. These product evangelists want everyone around them to know just how great their brand is.

In an era of shifting marketing dollars it’s time to figure out what persona your brand will have. There’s a big difference between your brand and your branding. Your brand is who you are and who you are to your customers. It’s about what you stand for, why you do the things that you do and how you impact the community, marketplace, or even the world. Branding is your logo, letter head, Facebook profile picture, your Twitter avatar. It’s that visual representation of your brand.

A lot of times we get hung up on the idea of our logo, our identifier mark, as being the brand. But to you customer’s it’s certainly more than that. It’s the experience that they have with you. When they think your brand name, they should think about all of those wonderful experiences they have had with you. Are you giving them those experiences?

At Kairos Design Agency, will help our clients design their branding, but also help with their brand planning. Are you thinking through your social media strategy and how your brand will communicate on all of the platforms? Kairos will help you each step of the way. We help with social media strategy, content development, editorial scheduling, and brand messaging. We can help you develop messages for both your clients and internal team.